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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quirky Quirks: Sleeping

I am a deep sleeper.  I sleep through pretty much anything.  Kids wake up in the night?  I sleep through it.  Husband gets out of bed?  I sleep through it.  Sleep is my friend.  I love my bed.  I love being under heavy covers. I love to sleep and I need a lot of it!  Something that drives The Artist totally bonkers is the fact that I move a lot while I sleep.  I turn from one side to the other.  From this side to that.  The problem is, that I pull the covers with me.  By morning, I am nice and toasty, curled up with blankets up past my head, while The Artist's toes (or more accurately, his whole lower legs) are sticking out the bottom with nothing to cover them.  Every night before bed, The Artist pulls the blankets back down with a sigh.  Every morning, he wakes up cold.  I try not to.  I really do.  But how do you control what your body does in the throws of unconsciousness?

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