"But Mom": Two of the most dreadful words in the English language

Monday, January 31, 2011

Being A Mother is Wonderful

I was NOT prepared for motherhood. Yes, I graduated from BYU with a degree in human/child Development. Yes, I worked in a hospital helping children and their parents cope with an upcoming surgery. Yes, I helped parents of children with Autism with THEIR parenting skills. Yes, I read ALL the parenting books. And yet, still not prepared. My advice to soon-to-be moms is always, buckle up.

Being a mother is hard.

But, being a mother is also wonderful. No seriously, it is. I know that it can be tiresome, annoying, lonely, bitter, monotonous, painful, humbling, (insert your own adjective here ____________), but it is also sweet, tender, funny and joyous. I think the reason that being a mother is so wonderful is precisely because of all of these jumbled up emotions. You know what it is like to feel tremendous heartache and sorrow, which makes it possible for you to feel the joy and happiness all the deeper. You have felt bitterness and despair, so you are able to more fully appreciate the sweet and lovely.

So, I will say it again: Being a mother is wonderful.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Are Now Entering The Bloggosphere

Okay, so this title is a bit misleading. I am not new to blogging. In fact, not only am I not new to it, but I am a down right veteran blogger of 6-years! (I know, I know. Try to hold in the gasps.) I, like so many others, need an outlet to get it all out. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to write in my journal. I just can't get past the actual "writing" part; Black ink on my fingers, cramps in my hands, writing that only a mother can love...I'm sure you can relate. But the thing is, I really do want to write all this stuff down. I want my children, my children's children, my children's...okay you get it...I want my posterity to know who I am. Maybe they won't care, but then again, maybe they will. Whatever they choose, this blog is for them.