"But Mom": Two of the most dreadful words in the English language

Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Are Now Entering The Bloggosphere

Okay, so this title is a bit misleading. I am not new to blogging. In fact, not only am I not new to it, but I am a down right veteran blogger of 6-years! (I know, I know. Try to hold in the gasps.) I, like so many others, need an outlet to get it all out. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to write in my journal. I just can't get past the actual "writing" part; Black ink on my fingers, cramps in my hands, writing that only a mother can love...I'm sure you can relate. But the thing is, I really do want to write all this stuff down. I want my children, my children's children, my children's...okay you get it...I want my posterity to know who I am. Maybe they won't care, but then again, maybe they will. Whatever they choose, this blog is for them.

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  1. you were the very first blogger i ever knew. you inspired me to start my blog lo those many years ago! i'd read any blog you do!